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HMS Behind-The-Scenes

Here. Today. On-set at the making of HitMakerSociety's original dramedy of "Vasspire", a Vampire that bites ass sits relaxed in his star chair as Asst. MUA, Katherine Rodriguez from JahPene'e Productions, hits up his face implementing daunting looks to go with those good charms from "Vasspires" very own writer/producer/director Sedrick L. Blicman. "Yeah man this was a long time coming and I'm glad to finally see one of my crazy ideas coming to life. Looking forward to seeing what people think about my type of funny". Well, 'Mr. multi-faceted Blicman', my type of funny is exactly what our audiences have been looking for.

Hilariously themed-crazy title that get's you asking, What Is It? Just you wait and see. This troupe of talented actors and actress send you on an amazing journey through the life of nerdy butt-enthusiast, Angelino Deltiny, to the capture of Vasspire by the evil villiam Vampire across the globe that are in search of Vasspire's very own heart on a stick. It's funny, scary, keep's you guessing and makes you cry out in laughter! This comedic-suspense thriller is just the thing to watch on a lonely Friday the 13th night or even on your safe lunch break at the office with friends. Be sure not to miss the next episode of "Vasspire" coming to a channel near you.

Video provided and approved by HitMakerSociety.

#Vasspire #FilmTv #Dramedy #MakeUp #music #acting

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